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Basics and Beyond, Yoga Six Week Series at Asheville Yoga Center on Tuesdays from 5:45 to 7:15 PM; Click HERE for more information on how to sign up and dates .

The Art of Teaching Yoga (RYT 300) at Asheville Yoga Center; January 15 – 19, 2018; Save $100 if you sign up December 4, 2017; $550 with Early Bird Discount; ($650 after December 4, 2017) Click HERE to register and more information! 

Summary of the Training:  The key to a successful yoga class is learning how to convey inspiring themes that not only uplift the students, but allow the teacher to continue to grow. This understanding of how our belief in the outcome of our success directly affects our performance is what educators, teachers, and neurologist are now calling growth mindset. In this training, you will learn how to achieve a growth mindset and apply these principles to your own lives in and outside the classroom. You will learn many techniques in how to improve your teaching and furthering your students, such as how verbal cueing directly connect to the overarching theme and the breath. We will dissect how the power of setting an intention or goal for your own practice, in your classes and in your life is practicing Yoga. You will leave this training with many examples of how to create a theme-based yoga class, but also how to approach every aspect of your life with a growth mindset.

Therapeutic Essentials of Yoga with Joe Taft (RYT 300) at Asheville Yoga Center; May 3 -6, 2018; All Levels Welcome! Save $100 if you register by March 22, 2018
$350 with Early Bird Special! 
($450 after March 22, 2018)  Click HERE to register and more information! 

Summary of the Training: In this training, we explore principle-based therapeutics, meaning that one thing builds on the next. This set of principles or actions in the body will help a number of therapeutic issues that students may have. Every session includes asana, anatomy, body mapping and therapeutic hands-on adjustments. You’ll learn techniques to help students in a classroom setting and in a one-on-one private setting. We look at “inner alignment” or how students align attitudinally, because the outer form always reflects the inner state on some level. You will also learn how to empower your students, – so they can help themselves. Most importantly, together we’ll create a fun learning environment that allows our knowledge and body awareness to flourish.

Yoga Workshop for Lower Back Care at Asheville Yoga Center; TBA for 2018; All levels welcome, especially helpful to yoga teachers and pain suffers who wish to gain further therapeutic insights. Click HERE to register and more information!

The Power of Now: A Weekend Yoga Workshop on the Teachings of Ekhart Tolle interwoven with Yoga Asana at  Asheville Yoga Center; TBA for 2018; Philosophers, yogis and seekers will especially enjoy this workshop! Click HERE to register and more information! 

Joe has several classes on Yoga International for you to enjoy!

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