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10:15 – 11:45 All Levels Asheville Yoga Center

5:45 – 7:15 All Levels Six-Weeks Series; pre-register at Asheville Yoga Center:


8:15-9:45 Grove Park Inn (Drop-in’s welcome) 10:15 – 11:45 All Levels Asheville Yoga Center 5:45 – 7:15 All Levels, Asheville Yoga Center


10:30-12 Level 1&2 West Asheville Yog Center


10:15-11:45 All Levels, Asheville Yoga Center

Joe has several classes on Yoga International for you to try!  And, he has several new classes for you to enjoy on the School of Wholeness and Enlightenment.   


Feel free to contact Joe to set up a private yoga class or individual one-on-one session. These classes take 90 minutes and cost $120. 


If you wish for private pranayama (breathing) or meditation instruction, Joe would love to share this practice with you or deepen your own practice. The session lasts for 60 minutes and cost $90. 


Joe is happy to offer a workshop or weekend training in your hometown studio.


If you are an aspiring yoga teacher, Joe is offering a mentoring on a one-one basis.


“Creating community through yoga and being able to help others have been the biggest gifts of the practice. I offer gratitude daily for this path and the people whom I have had the honor of meeting on this journey. I wish to thank everyone for their dedication to the practice of yoga and their kind words of encouragement. My hope is that this page will give you insight as to the type of teacher I am, and encourage you to study this beautiful practice of yoga, which has enriched my life profoundly.”

Namaste – Joe Taft 1/1/12 

“I’ve really enjoyed your classes, especially the outdoor one. Your messages for each class have been incredibly inspiring and exactly what I’ve needed to hear and digest. From remembering to play (Lila) to facing my challenges with strength from Ganesha, perfect symbolism for me right now.” C.D. 6/1/11

“Yoga class this morning was extremely moving, as it tends to be with you. Thank you. I feel this immediate need to tell you that coming to your classes (& practicing yoga in general at AYC) has been one of the most impacting experiences of my life. In fact, a large part of why I am often shy or present with a certain quiet/modest demeanor is because I am pretty startled by how much yoga (and your teachings) have been a healing force in my life…Honestly, through experience you as a teacher and anusara yoga, I have been able to believe in the permanence of love and the capability of real bliss in my life, in a way I never actually imagined.” M.R. 5/18/11

“I don’t know how to tell you how much your encouragement has helped me. You are such an inspiration and I always feel better after being in your “light” and practicing with you. It is sometimes hard to drive yourself and stay positive when you are hurting and especially after hearing what I did. But, I do think I can do this and just wanted you to know how vey much I appreciate all your support and motivation!” T.S. 3/15/11

“…after class on Wednesday, I think I arrived in the present moment. Super intense class, it let me push my boundaries in a very comfortable and safe way. …So, so good to finally understand my knees!” J.B. 11/11/10

“I am always amazed that you are able to pick a topic I think I understand and then I find that there is another more subtle part that I can add that makes a big difference.” C.G. 11/11/10

“…after many years of attending anusara workshops, i found your language very clear and concise. i walked away from your workshop with ease and wide open hips (thank you for that practice) and, with a better understanding of how to bring yoga more fully into my life. your direct and clear words described the actions of stepping into grace, moving the thighs and tailbone and expanding. you offered opportunities to move these ideas into practice, showing in standing, seated and reclining asanas how to move in ways to feel more freedom and gain more support. renewing my commitment to these principals will help my practice bring more health to my lower back. i appreciated your open heart. thank you for sharing your work with me. Namaste” M.B. 10/11/10

“I felt like I accomplished about 5 sessions of physical therapy (for past injuries) tonight alone. Thanks for your light, for your inner illumination. Om” J.S. 9/6/10

“Deirdre and Joe…I want to thank both of you for all of the sincere love and support that you bring to this immersion experience. This has become for me much bigger than yoga. It is truly life changing and I am so thankful everyday for what is happening to me I believe on a cellular level…Your genuine concern for all of us and your guidance through this experience is beyond what words can describe and for that I am so grateful. I am also grateful for the loving support of the entire group of people I have met…Love and Namaste” D.L 8/26/10

“…your class brought tears to a many of our eyes today. It was really beautiful. The thought of shiny diamonds sparkling out of your heart center. …it’s just so beautiful and one of the many images I will share…Thanks so much for your commitment to your work. You really bring joy to a lot of people.” K. 8/23/10

“You are unfailingly kind and generous…You are one of the great Teachers of my life. If it weren’t for you, the aging process would look very different for me, Joe. I am eternally grateful.

“Out of respect for you, my endeavor is to show up to classes with mindfulness and a willing heart…to be a worthy student…Thank you for creating such a safe, loving and yet challenging environment in which to practice such a high level of yoga. Loads of love” N. 6/16/10

“…you’ve been such a positive influence on my life since January 2009…Words cannot explain my gratitude to you and what you stand for……….all I can offer is a smile, a laugh, and/or a huge bear hug…Peace brother” J.S. 6/2/10

“…I’ve had some interesting insights re: the universal side(back) and the “I” side (front) since being in your class…You are an excellent example of your teachings AND you know how to get the message across so beautifully…” M.S. 5/13/10

“…you spend so much time on philosophy – because after all…..an asana practice without philosophy is kind of like just a good workout…The philosophy for me is like the map – asana is like the vehicle – and the journey that I’m taking is to the Territory of Grace…….and you are my guide…xxoo” P.R 5/6/10

“Just wanted to tell you that your classes totally rocked my world…I appreciate your passion ( for yoga, life, everything) and commend your dedication to sharing it….With heaps of gratitude” B.M. 3/13/10

“I’ve been reviewing “Inner Body Bright” and “Open to Grace” all day and all of the other gifts you gave us over those three days. You and Deirdre work so well together and are such a balanced team. Not only was the information presented interesting and helpful , your instruction and guidance through the poses was accessible, expansive and encouraging. Thank you so much…A warm hug to you” S.C. 2/15/10

“I always think your classes are great, but today in particular. Not only did you remind me about an important fundamental, your theme on gratitude was exactly what I needed to hear. I don’t know how you always seem to intuit the exact element I need to absorb, but you do. Like magic. I will have been your student for two years this upcoming February, and I can tell you for sure that you rank high on my list of people I’m most grateful for…” K.J. 11/23/09

“Joe- You have the such an uncanny ability to bring metaphors and lessons into your teaching practice that hit so close to home.” J.M 9/24/09

(to Deirdre and Joe, re: Immersion ’09) “You guys rock! I have learned so much through this experience and I’ve also had so much fun being with everyone, every time…. I was still seeing auras this morning, which was certainly from all the great shakti over the weekend.” C. 9/13/09

“… I love my family and am practicing acceptance of whatever life/death brings. Being in your classes has helped me so much to live the principle of surrendering to Grace. With Grace and appreciation” B. 8/5/09

“…The power of the universe is magnificent and in full force. You have been instrumental in my understanding of this concept….er reality, and I can’t thank you enough. I truly appreciate you as a friend, a teacher, and an inspiration. Peace and love to you and yours. Namaste” J.S. 6/18/09

“…thanks for helping me with me knee… i thought i had to stop doing pigeon for a while but you got me into it without pain. you are so knowledgeable, and will eventually be considered a national treasure i am sure…” V.M. 6/8/09

“Joe, I love you. OMG, you are so amazing with your energy and way of being in the world. Thanks for teaching not only a myriad of people in Asheville, but reminding me of who I am. I really appreciate you. You are incredibly important to the studio and more importantly to Asheville…” J.S. 5/4/09

“…you are such an inspiring individual to myself and all of my friends in the class. You were definitely brought into my life at a time when I really needed it, and I can’t thank you enough… you are truly gifted in your ability to teach this ancient, beautiful practice and to inspire love, peace, and understanding in those you teach it to. I am now hooked, and I ask that you work w/me to help me take my practice deeper… Wishing you and yours peace, love, and light.” J.S. 4/7/09

“… I walked away feeling that I had received such a powerful birthday present- the knowledge that a great teacher had entered my life!… In grace” L. 4/6/09

“Your energy spent with us today was wonderful. What a beautiful instrument you are!… every minute was packed with so much learning, fun and your uplifted gift of bringing us into our hearts and into our alignment with the Divine. Thank you Joe.” S. 4/4/09

“Thank you again for last night—your classes are a touching experience…” J.M. 3/26/09

“I NEVER thought doing a handstand was a possibility for me. But YOU have brought me to new heights. Imagine that, Teacher. Just goes to show … who knows the places we’ll go?!?! Thank you Thank you thank you <—aka gratitude shining” – S.B. 9/14/08

“… your classes give me the best work out!… I’ll be 62 in September and I hope to be in your class when I’m 92.” … W.H. 5/30/08

“hey joe….such a beautiful class last wednesday! thanks for encouraging me to drop back into the wheel on my own. i feel ready ready ready to do things i’ve never done before…. things in my world have been changing alot, for the good. i think seeing you on a regular basis is a factor in this process. i receive bucketloads of grace from you, my friend. thank you so much!” V. 5/19/08

“Thank you sooo much for a wonderful, inspiring and mind-body opening yoga class on Friday. I appreciate your teaching style and enthusiasm. I realized i haven’t been much into yoga because I hadn’t yet found the right teacher/teachings before. Thank you for inspiring me to learn and practice more. Now I understand why you’re so excited about your practice! My hips received more of a wonderful, grounded workout then they ever have. I could feel my body releasing for hours after class, which felt great. I love the inner focus and discipline the class requires…Thank you for your warm, fun-loving spirit and for your dedication to your path.” W. 5/4/08

“…While attending your class, I was once again reaffirmed that I am right where I need to be right now and all of the time. I love the way the theme was woven all through class. Thank you for all that you teach and your unwavering enthusiasm in your classes.” W. 4/21/08

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