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Joe has always found refuge in his pursuit of excellence in a variety of sports and outdoor activities. After a decade in a career of whitewater kayaking, Joe created muscular imbalances in his body due to overly formed hip flexor muscles and under formed gluteus muscles, which is common to the sport. This imbalance lead to chronic back pain and a shortened iliopsoas. Although his physical imbalances and pain lead him to yoga as a medium of self-healing, it also directed him on an inner spiritual journey into meditation and the study of yogic texts and philosophies. Joe owes much of his gratitude to some of the leading yoga philosophy scholars of our time such as Douglas Brooks, William Mahony, and Carlos Pomeda to name a few.

By 2006 Joe’s interest in yoga became his primary passion when he decided it was time to launch a full-time career in yoga. He has never looked back! From 2007 to 2013 Joe was a Certified Anusara® Yoga instructor. He spent decades studying with such talented instructors as Desiree Rumbaugh, Sianna Sherman, Darren Rhodes, Betsey Downing, Douglas Keller, Martin Kirk, among others. Joe’s knowledge of the Universal Principles of Alignment has been invaluable in his teaching career.

As a team instructor of Asheville Yoga Center’s teacher training programs, Joe enjoys watching his students launch their own teaching careers and journey into self-empowerment. Joe believes in the body’s healing powers as he has learned to balance his musculature through yoga, weight lifting and other forms of exercise. He enjoys witnessing those blessed moments in the classroom when the students experience how the body is a vessel for the spirit’s journey.

Joe teaches weekly drop-in classes, an ongoing yoga series class, workshops, and tranings. He offers therapeutic immersions, regional workshops and private one-on-one instruction. He is happy to teach in studios in your area. Joe guarantees transformational fun!

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